Why You Should Make The Switch To Tea

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I know there are a ton of coffee lovers out there. And don't get me wrong, coffee is great but in terms of health benefits, tea will beat coffee every time. There are soo many different types of tea out there. I'm here to help you pick out which tea is best for you and provide as many health benefits as I could! Who wouldn't want to do something as simple as drink a few cups of tea to make themselves healthy?!


Coffee tastes soo good especially when you add milk and sugar. However, there are many different things that coffee does to your body that might not want you to drink it as much. For one, it can discolor your teeth. I don't know about you, but I want nice white, shiny teeth (Cue in Chip Skylark from The Fairly Odd Parents)! Coffee also has a bigger depressing effect. This means that it reduces your energy levels very quickly as well as increases your stress hormones. Who would want to be stressed??

On an overall tea level, it has a ton of antioxidants. This is good for your blood, reducing your cholesterol levels, and improving your blood flow. Tea actually helps reduce bad breath! It also hydrates your body considering it is basically flavored water! However, to achieve the best results from tea, you can't add a lot of sugar or milk to it. Different types of tea has different health benefits too!

Green Tea

This is perfect for your overall health. It is a great effective cancer fighter and helps lower your risk for ovarian and breast cancer ladies! It also can help prevent the onset or slow down the progression of dementia. If you have a cold or the flu, green tea is what you should grab!

Black Tea

This tea is great for your breath. It's known stopping plaque buildup on your teeth and may help prevent diabetes. It also is great to help lower your risk for ovarian cancer.

Passionflower Tea

If you're battling anxiety, this tea is for you. It is known to help those who experience a lot of circular thinking or obsessive thoughts. It is best if you drink before bedtime to help calm your mind since a lot of people have a lot of thoughts in their heads preventing them for falling asleep.

White Tea

White tea is perfect for aging. This helps fight signs of aging like wrinkles! Forget Botox and try drinking white tea! It also helps prevent new fat sells from forming when trying to lose weight.

Ginger Tea

If you're like me, I get a lot of headaches and migraines. This tea helps with headaches because it is an anti-inflammatory agent. This helps block prostaglandins which causes a slight swelling in the brain, hence headaches. It actually reduces inflammation in the same amount of time as an aspirin would work. For those of you who don't like taking medicine and stick to things all natural, drink ginger tea!

Valerian Root Tea

This tea goes along with the passionflower tea. The passionflower tea helps calm your mind before going to bed. If that doesn't work, valerian root tea is a natural sedative that can help reduce the amount of time it takes for you to fall asleep. I know some people freak when they see the word "sedative". This tea is all natural and is a safer alternative to habit-forming sleep aids.

Tea helps soo much with different areas of your body. There are soo many different types of tea and this is just a few of them. Each helps different things and each have different flavors. Some people also like to mix some together so try different things out to see what you like!