Fall Break

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This past weekend was my Fall Break at Indiana University. Like always, it's a chance for me to go home and see the family and Ky. I had a great weekend with everyone! Kyle's sister, Dani, drove me home because she is a senior at Indiana University! I love going home with her because we get to catch up and we get along really well! She's the best! Her friend from Georgia, Shayna, came with us like she always does for Fall Break. We got home super late on Thursday so I basically just went to sleep to prepare for the rest of the weekend. Driving sure does tire you out!
Friday I spent the day catching up on some stuff for my blog. I don't think I've told you guys yet but I was offered to write for this awesome blog called Grad Guard! You should all really check it out! My first post went live this past week! It's great for college students, high school students, or recent college graduates! It is basically all about making yourself a better person and being healthy while spending your lives! How awesome is that?! After I finished my post for this coming week I went to get my eyebrows waxed. Let me tell you, they for sure needed to be done. I don't know how I went 2 months without getting them done! I only waited that long because I don't trust anyone else to wax them so I had to wait until the next time I was going home. After that I took the train into the city to spend the night with Ky in Chicago. We had a lot of fun and basically just relaxed the entire time. Of course we watched some Seinfeld (they're obsessed) as well as some baseball. Does anyone actually enjoy watching baseball on TV?!? We went to our favorite restaurant in Wrigleyville which was obviously sushi. We're both extremely obsessed with sushi except we have to watch what we chose with me being allergic to gluten and Ky allergic to tuna (as well as everything else you could think of). The sushi was once again amazing and we are excited for when I come in town again to go back to Oh Fusion!

Saturday was a lot of fun as well. After waking up, Ky and I went to breakfast at one of our other favorite cafe's called Horizon Cafe. I got a Mediterranean skillet and Ky got eggs and hash browns. It was their 10th anniversary so they went back to the prices that they had when they opened in 2004. Our entire meal was 13 dollars!! How crazy is that?! We were shocked because we had soo much food for only 13 bucks! They also had my favorite tea to drink (Tazo Zen)! After making our way back to the suburbs around 3ish, my mom picked us up from the train to finish getting ready for my family event. We drove about 45 minutes to a farm called Richardson Farm. It the largest corn maze in America! It's awesome there! You basically rent out a bonfire area and bring food and just have fun with your friends or family! This was our 2nd year going back and we will continue to in the future. This year we finished the corn maze in an hour and a half (last year it was 2 and a half hours....). The corn maze is different every year. Last year it was shaped as the Beatles and this year it was shaped for the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner! It's pretty amazing! This also means that I accomplished one of the things on my October Goals list! Yay!! We had amazing food and had a lot of fun! I love spending time with my cousins and it's great to get to see them when I'm home from school!
 Sunday morning was pretty hectic making sure that I had everything that I needed before heading back to school. I got to spend a little more time with Ky and his family because we all went to Walker Brothers for breakfast. I was amazing! My mom was also invited so she got to, finally, meet Kyle's dad! We all had a blast and I had amazing chocolate chip gluten free pancakes! I had a great weekend and wish I could've stayed home for a few more days. 3 days at home is such a tease when I'll be home for a little over a week for Thanksgiving break in a little over a month! I can't wait to see everyone again for that! How was your weekends?? Did you do anything exciting??