My Halloween Weekend

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

As everyone knows this past weekend was Halloween! For those who don't know, it just happens to be my favorite holiday of all time. I just love being able to dress up however you want and not be worried about people judging you. For me, it is a time of the year that I can be a kid again. Over the years (when I was younger) I had a system when it came to trick or treating. After getting as much candy as I could (using puppy dog eyes for more than 2 pieces of candy a house) I would proceed home to start my project. And this project was organizing. Yes, a 4 year old was organizing her candy! I would literally split the candy up by what they were and then count how many of each candy to write down on my list. And it gets better. After I would eat a piece of candy, I would change the number to how many there were left. Of course it was so I knew if anyone ate my candy! Hint hint Jimmy Kimmel

Now enough from the past.. On to my Halloween weekend from this year! I had a great weekend! I spent most of it with my friends and had a blast! I saw some people that I haven't seen in forever and my best friend, Mish, came to visit!! Thursday night I was a mime, Friday night I was cleopatra, and I didn't go out on Saturday. I had to be productive on Sunday and didn't want to be too tired. Unfortunately I didn't take that many pictures but I will use one that actually turned out okay! And it was Instagram worthy! 

How was everyone's Halloween weekend? And what did you all dress up as?? Feel free to leave your answers in the comments below!