November Blog Challenge- What's In My Bag

Friday, November 7, 2014

Hey guys! So I'm starting to participate in Farrah's November Blog Challenge! I loved reading about this and wanted to join her in all of the fun!
I know it's November 7th so I'm starting a little late. From now on I'm going to post the challenge for each day! Today is about what's in my bag. I don't usually carry a bag around with me. I typically just have either my black or dark red cross over purse. The only things that I keep with me is my phone, my wallet, a pack of gum, my keys, a pen (just in case I need to write something down), and my favorite Sephora lipstick.

Since I go to college at Indiana University, I usually have my backpack with me. In that I keep whatever binder I need for each class, my little bag of pens and pencils (every color pen because I color code everything), my Lily Pulitzer planner, my amazing camelbak water bottle that has a built in straw filter (I'm literally obsessed with this), and my wallet with my school ID. I know I'm a little boring when it comes to what I keep in my bags. I feel like when I get out of college I'll actually have a bigger bag to keep basically everything in it (like my mom)!

My question to you guys is... What do you keep in your bags?