Preparation For College

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

 I’ve received some comments from people who wanted to know some advice for seniors in high school getting ready for college. First off I am SUPER jealous of you guys because my freshman year of college is one of the best years I’ve had so far. I know you guys are all stressed about getting ready. This is a totally normal feeling. I was definitely nervous getting ready for college. The first thing is applying. This can be a brutal process, I know. I would start by taking an entire day (or 2) to do your college apps. When writing the essay portion you should really take your time. This could be very important in whether they decide to accept you or not. I had a problem writing my essay in the short amount of words that they required but it’ll all work out!           
           Now you’ve applied and are waiting to hear back from the colleges. I’ll admit.. I probably checked my email at least a hundred times a day to see if they responded. The key to this is to keep you busy. Always keep yourself busy with schoolwork, extra curricular, or other activities that you like. It is very important that you don’t slack off your senior year. Trust me, I know it is hard since senior year is always known as your slack off year. I know from experience that if you slack off your senior year, then your freshman year of college will be extremely hard. Going from doing nothing to always being busy and stressed is a very hard transition. So try not to slack off!!
(Fast forwarding to after you find out where you're going to college)
           The most important thing about your last year at high school and the summer before you go to college is managing your time. I know this may be hard because all you want to do is hang out with your friends. Of course you should be hanging out with your friends! However, hanging out with your family is also very important. It’s going to be weird not having your mom and/or dad not with you and you’ll start to appreciate them more once you leave. I also found that getting a job your last year (if you don’t already have one) is important. It’s very nice to have a little extra money with you for entertainment, food, or shopping!
Welcome to college!! You're going to love it!!