November Blog Challenge- Day 12-14

Friday, November 14, 2014

I feel like to do this blog challenge I'm going to start doing a full week in one post every Friday. That way I can get back to writing other topics rather than just writing about what the blog challenge wants me to write for each day. With that being said... here's days 12-14!!

Day 12- Things That Make Your Day
I have a lot of things that make my day! Here are a few of my favorite ones that help me get through the tough, stressful days as well as the carefree ones!

- Getting a good morning text from Ky every morning
- My morning Starbucks runs
- Wearing leggings, boots, and oversized sweaters
- The beauty of fall
- Knowing that I have an amazing support system backing me up
- Listening to Fleetwood Mac all day long!
- Puppies!!
Ky's family dog Charlie Browne (their last name)
- Cuddling in my warm, comfy bed
- Having a nice glass of red wine after a long day
- Crossing things off of my to do lists (yes I have multiple haha)
- Reading a book next to the fireplace in the union at Indiana University
- Getting I love you texts from Ky
- Getting text messages from my little cousins from their mom's phone about how they miss me (cutest thing ever)

Day 13- If I Won The Lottery
If I won't the lottery there would be a few things that I would do. Have of the money I would use for myself. The other half I would give away to the OMNI Youth Services program. This is an organization that helps those who need to be put back on track and also helps give counseling as well as other various services. The rest of the money I would also split in half as well. One half I would put away in the bank for the future and the other half I would use for myself. Realistically, I would use that money to help pay off bills and my student loan. Unrealistically, I would go on a trip. I would probably either go to Greece or Fiji. I hear Fiji has an AMAZING coral reef and I'd love to visit that! If I went to Greece, I'd love to see all of the architecture and learn all of the history. I love looking at beautiful buildings and homes! I also love watching sunsets and would love to see the sunset in both of these amazing countries! Wow wouldn't it be amazing to win the lottery! How awesome would that be?!

Day 14- An Average Day
I think for this they want me to explain what an average day in my life is. Soo here it is.

I'm going to tell you how a typical Monday goes (since I'm writing this on Monday haha). I wake up around 7:36 to hop in the shower to wake myself up. After taking a nice, warm shower on a cold morning, I brush my teeth and decide whether I want to put my contacts in or not. After a few minutes on debating this, I usually end up putting them in. This usually means that I'm going to have a non-lazy day since to me, glasses=lazy. Then I go to my closet after checking what the weather will be for the day and usually decide with a pair of my favorite Lululemon leggings with an oversized sweater and boots. Next I put on the minimal make up that I wear on a daily basis (top eyeliner, mascara, and powder foundation). I grab my backpack and put in what I will need for the day (chemistry, anatomy, and my research class). My long walk to class always consists of listening to Fleetwood Mac and debating whether Starbucks is needed and usually it is! Now it's class time... 9:05-9:55 I have chemistry and 10:10-11:00 I have anatomy. After anatomy my friend Blum and I go to the union to get some food and to do some last minute homework or studying. From 1:00-2:15 I have my research class and then from 2:30-3:30ish I mentor a freshman from the club LEAD that I'm apart of. After my meeting I usually go home to do some homework or study and eat at some point. An episode of Private Practice is usually what I watch before I go to bed along with FINALLY being able to talk to Ky after his long day at work. Not too exciting of a day but I usually have something exciting that is randomly thrown out there!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!