Surviving A Long Distance Relationship

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

 LDR... the relationship idea that everyone thinks will NOT work. However, those people are wrong. I am in a long distance relationship. The only difference between long distance relationships and regular relationships is the distance. Regular relationships might not work and long distance ones might not work. The key to keeping a long distance relationship is trust. While being in college it might seem harder because there are always the well known "frat boys". Then there is the well known "slutty sorority girls" (Just noting the stereotypes). If you trust your boyfriend or girlfriend then it should be easy not to worry if they are doing anything with anyone else.

Communication is one of the most important ways to survive an LDR. Texting your significant other in the morning when you wake up is a great way to say "good morning" without being in person. It also helps the other to know your weekly schedule.

Visiting each other is of course important as well. My boyfriend and I try to see each other every 3 weeks. While there are times when it is hard to travel to the other with work and school work (not to mention travel expenses), it is important to keep visitations pretty regular.

Doing things together is definitely a large part of the relationship. I know its hard when you're far away from each other. However, there are many ideas you can do while apart. My boyfriend and I watch TV shows or movies that are on TV together. At commercial breaks we call or Skype each other to talk about what is going on on the show. Its a great way to spend quality time together thousands of miles away.

Creativity is also a key aspect. Something that I have done in the past is writing letters. I know it is very old fashion to do this but it seriously is great. I would randomly write a hand written letter and send it in the mail to his apartment. It's always a great thing to read when you're really missing your significant other. I also have written letters for different situations. These are some ideas for what to write.
I hope these ideas help!! Feel free to write me for more advice!