#TBT My Trip To Door County

Thursday, November 13, 2014

So I'm thinking on Thursdays that I will do a throwback thursday post. I think that'll be a lot of fun! So, here's the start of my new series #TBT!! Today I'm writing about my trip to Door County, Wisconsin. I have been going to Door County since I was born. I've gone almost every summer and have gone during the winter time a few times! Door County is such a beautiful place right on the peninsula in northern Wisconsin. My family usually stays in Ephraim but sometimes we stay in Fish Creek. These pictures are from two specific trips (only pictures I had on my computer). One of the times I went with my whole family (mom, dad, and Emma) and the other time I went only with my mom. Gotta love old pictures!
We like to do a lot of activities in Door County. We usually do some sort of water sport. We've gone tubing, parasailing, gone fishing, renting a boat, or riding jet skis. We also do some sort of art project. My family is VERY artsy (especially my mom) and do all sorts of crafts. There is this place called Hands On which is an art studio. They literally have every type of art you can think of! We've done ceramics, painting (canvas and ceramics), splatter paint, made ornaments, sculptures and more! 

We also usually will go horseback riding at this one specific stables (I forgot the name). It's hilarious because my dad HATES horseback riding and we went every year. His hatred for horseback riding happened when we were in the Wisconsin Dells horseback riding in the woods and every time a tree came up (soo every 5 seconds) the horse would smack him into the tree. Lets just say the horse wasn't a fan of my dad. It was pretty funny for the rest of us but he hated every moment of it.

Our nights were filled with eating amazing food especially a Fish Boil from The Old Post Office. It is an amazing restaurant that has a little preview showing them actually boiling the fish and telling many different stories about the area we're in and how they get the fish etc. Such an amazing experience with amazing people! After that we would go to Wilsons for ice cream. They're known for putting a jelly bean at the bottom of your cone! It was always fun guessing which color we would get! 

Wishing I could go back to Door County! Hopefully I can go again this coming summer! It's been a few years since I've been able to find time to go out there. It's the best because the cell service is awful so it's a great time to unplug for the time you're there!

Have a great Thursday everyone!