Healthy Thursday: Best Ways To Reduce Anxiety

Thursday, January 22, 2015

This is my first official post in my new blog series Healthy Thursdays! Every Thursday I'm going to be posting something that relates to health. It could by physical health, mental health, or anything that has to do with your body and mind! I hope you enjoy it!

Everyone has those days where anxiety takes over your life. You could be preparing for a presentation, realizing how much you have to do in a small amount of time, or just get anxious for anything. No matter what the situation is, anxiety can kick in. Being able to control your anxiety is key to having a successful day/life! There are a ton of different ways to be able to do this. Here are some of my favorite ways to reduce anxiety!


This one isn't for everyone. It is hard for some people to be able to sit or lay down and just release your thoughts. It takes time for people to be able to actually have a clear mind while meditating. I know for me it is very hard and I don't always have a clear mind. The key (and most important) part about meditating is breathing. If you concentrate on your breathing it can actually reduce your stress! Slowing down your breathing will help slow down your mind and heart rate (incase it's beating fast from the stress). Just breathe and everything will be okay!


Sleeping is important for our everyday life. Without sleep, we can get cranky, nauseous, anxious, and a ton of other emotions. It is important to have your necessary amount of sleep each night. Lack of sleep actually can increase your amount of anxiety. Being able to fall asleep with a good night of sleep will help you wake up with a clear mind!

Eating Healthy

It is crazy how much food impacts our lives! It's even crazier that some foods can decrease your anxiety! Here are some foods that you should eat when you're stressed or know you're about to be! Asparagus has a ton of folic acid in it which is a mood boosting nutrient. Vitamin B deficiency is also linked to stress. Eating foods with Vitamin B like avocados, fish, and all bran cereals! Spinach is also great to eat because it is filled with magnesium. In other words, it regulates your cortisol levels and increases your feeling of wellbeing!

Listen to Music

There are a ton of different genres of music out there. If you're anxious, listening to music really does help make you happy and stress free! However, if you're listening to a fast paced song it might not calm you down. The best type of music to listen to is relaxing and calming music. My personal favorite to listen to is either the spa treatment playlist on spotify or anything from Dave Matthews Band!

Calming Oils

Aromatherapy is super important in our lives. It is crazy how a smell can trigger something in your brain and help you feel relaxed. Next week I'm actually going to make a post specifically on aromatherapy but here is a little blurb from it! The best calming oil to reduce stress is lavender. Lavender is such a light smell that it helps you relax. If you can't fall asleep, lavender is great for that as well! You can put a little on your wrists or even get a diffuser!

Remove Yourself

There are a ton of different situations that make you nervous. Being able to remove yourself from the situation on hand is key. Taking a walk outside to help your breathing with fresh air helps a lot! This is great before a test, meeting, or presentation! Take a deep breath and go back into the room with a clear, relaxed mind!

Keeping your mind happy is key to being stress free! These simple tips can help make a difference in your life! What are some ways that you guys stay stress free??