5 Reasons Why I Love Yoga Girl

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Me about 30 min from Bloomington, IN
Recently I have been trying to change my life into a more holistic lifestyle. I've always grown up eating healthy and treating our bodies like it's a temple. This is super important to me to make sure that my body is as healthy as it can be. Why wouldn't I want a healthy life? Obviously I can't control everything out there in the world (pollution, chemicals, etc.) but I want to be able to control what I put in and on my body. This includes foods, make up, medicines, and lotions. A lot of what I've learned is stuff that I've learned from the one and only Yoga Girl aka Rachel Brathen!!

1. Yoga... Obviously

Yoga isn't for everyone. I totally understand that. However, yoga is an amazing thing that, I believe, everyone should try at least once in their lives! The health benefits to this are incredible ranging from mental health relaxation to physical health. Basically it can help your overall well-being which is what I believe to be the most important thing. Through Rachel's various social media accounts she has a ton of amazing yoga pictures, yoga videos, and how-to videos. She also travels around the world teaching yoga and having yoga retreats! Looking at her amazing photos of yoga just makes me want to get up and join her!

2. Inspirational

Rachel is an inspiration to everyone. Her amazing words on her own blog inspires me to be the best that I can be. She really takes a dive into whatever topic she is talking about and helps paint a picture of how beautiful everything can be. The past year she has had an intense roller coaster with her best friend passing away and also getting married shortly after that. Through those tough times she got a little dark but always seemed like everything was going to get better and that a light is shining through! She definitely has helped me with a ton of different things in my life that I've gone through. Always being positive and thinking that everything will turn all right is the most important thing!

3. She Brings You Into Her Life

Like I said above, Rachel has a ton of social media accounts. Through each of these accounts she brings you into her life. My favorite account of hers that I follow is through snapchat. She posts things all day every day about what she's eating, what she's wearing, her doing yoga, different holistic things she uses, and what she's doing at that moment! I love it! It really helps you build that connection with someone who inspires you and is a constant reminder on why you want to be who you are and to love yourself. One of the main things that she says is that she loves building connections with others and that she also always says how beautiful and amazing everyone is... No matter what!! I just love that about her!

4. Makes You Want To Travel

Being Yoga Girl makes her travel a lot. She goes to different places every single week! Sometimes more than one place in a week! She lives in Aruba with her husband, Dennis, and teaches yoga there as well as having retreats at their own house! I think that's pretty incredible! Her mom lives in Sweden so she goes there all of the time as well. I also believe that her dad lives in the states but I'm not 100% sure on that one... oops! Since she teaches yoga classes on the daily basis, traveling is a big thing in her life. She goes all over the world just to teach a yoga class. She also travels around the world for photo shoots, promoting her new book, and guest appearances! The pictures on her Instagram of these beautiful places just makes you want to travel the world! I know for me, I want to go to legit every single place she's been. They all look incredible!!

5. Holistic Lifestyle

The most important thing to know about Yoga Girl other than yoga is her holistic lifestyle. She eats all vegan things and doesn't put anything bad into her body. The only time she uses a lot of make up that's not holistic is for photo shoots for various reasons. She had a post on Facebook about the different things that she uses everyday to help keep her body healthy. This post has really got me thinking so I bought a bunch of the products that she uses! They're still in the mail and I will be posting a review about them in the near future! She always talks about how our bodies are temples and that we have to treat them with the respect they deserve. I love that she says that because 1. it's true and 2. my mom has always said that! Her holistic lifestyle has made me want to make my lifestyle holistic. It's going to take some time to make the changes but I'll hopefully get there!

I hope you all will get to know Yoga Girl and become inspired from her words as much as I have! Here are her social media accounts to check out her stuff!!

Instagram: http://instagram.com/yoga_girl
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rachelsyoga
Snapchat: rachel_brathen
Blog: http://www.rachelbrathen.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rachelbrathen