January Monthly Goals

Monday, January 5, 2015

It's officially the first of the new year! How exciting is that!? It's crazy to have to start writing 2015 on homework assignments and on checks for bills. I'm ready for a new year, new semester, and a new month of goals!!

December Goals
Take a cute holiday pic with Ky Finally forced him to take a pic!
Figure out what to get Ky for the holidays Got him socks (inside joke) and a gift certificate for a massage!
Finish the Ellen Degeneres book Finally finished this and loved every second of it
Get 20 more followers on Bloglovin'
Don't procrastinate for my finals Did well on my finals!!
Have someone guest post on my blog

January Goals
Have someone guest post on my blog (let me know if there are any takers on this one!)
Cross something off of my 25 by 25 list
Get back on my blogging schedule
Find a new book to read
Cook a meal with Ky

I hope everyone had a great new years!!