25 Before 25

These are things that I want to do before I turn 25! This will all (hopefully) be done by February 26th, 2019!
1. Get 200 followers on my blog
2. Get a puppy
3. Graduate college
4. Get a real full time job
5. Get my high school abs back
6. Be certified to go skydiving by myself
7. Visit Europe
8. Meet my grandfather
9. Go to graduate school
10. Learn to meditate
11. Be an audience member on The Ellen Show
12. Run a half marathon
13. Visit New York City
14. Make 10 Pinterest recipes
15. Take a picture every day for a year
16. Participate in habitat for humanity
17. Raise 5,000 for a charity
18. Learn to bartend 
19. Learn to golf
20. Ice stake in Millennium Park in Chicago during the winter time
21. Eat a meal at RPM in Chicago 
22. Unplug for a week
23. Learn to make homemade hummus
24. Donate blood
25. Do paddle board yoga