Chocolate From Around The World

Thursday, January 8, 2015

This year I got a lot of different amazing gifts from the people that I love. One of my favorite gifts that I had to share with you all is chocolate. Not just any type of chocolate... chocolate from around the world. Seems hard to find... but it's not! It's actually from Trader Joe's! Ah yes.. the amazing Trader Joe's. I have to admit, I'm obsessed with this place. Not only does it have foods to help my dietary needs (being gluten-free) but the produce is always fresh! I was really excited to find out that this chocolate is from there!

I can't even explain how amazing this chocolate is. It is for sure one of my favorite and different gifts! On the front of them it has a brief description of what is in the chocolate and even says what type of drink is good to pair with it! How awesome?! The different countries are Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Ghana, Dominican Republic, Papua New Guinea, São Tomé, and Tanzania. Check out these chocolates!

Peru: Jasmin notes and a clean finish
Ecuador: deep chocolate aroma with floral and fruit notes
Venezuela: unique, mild taste with hints of floral and dried grasses
Ghana: peppery notes and spicy aromas with a bitter dark chocolate bite
Dominican Republic: slightly nutty notes and a sharp finish
Papua New Guinea: marked fruity taste with a touch of spice
São Tomé: intense cocoa flavor with an exciting bitterness
Tanzania: subtle fruitiness with a fine hint of vanilla

The chocolates range from from 60-73% cacao dark chocolate and you can really tell a difference! To me, some of the chocolates tasted very similar to one another. However, my two favorites were from Ghana and the Dominican Republic. They're amazing and soo different! If you try these chocolates let me know which ones are your favorites!!