My Favorite Makeup

Monday, January 26, 2015

I've always been the type of girl that doesn't wear a lot of makeup. I think that might be because for my entire life I've been a dancer and always had to wear a ton of makeup caked on my face for lighting purposes. Because I always had to wear it, I think I just got sick of wearing it and went for a natural face. However, I do wear makeup just not a lot of it. I always like to think little is more. Here are my favorite makeup go-tos!

Face- bareMinerals

bareMinerals is one of my favorite products. I would rather choose to not wear anything for face makeup but sometimes my face will get red or I will have something to cover up :( bareMinerals is such a light powder and it covers everything very well! It's great because it is all natural too! On a daily basis I only use the original medium beige powder. When I go out and wear more makeup, I wear the original powder, the mineral veil (makes it look airbrushed) and then top it off with the warmth on my cheekbones to add a little color.

Eyes- Bobbi Brown and Urban Decay

Normally everyday I only wear top eyeliner and a little mascara. When I go out or have to give a presentation I wear eyeshadow along with the eyeliner (top and bottom) and mascara. My favorite lines of eyeshadow are Bobbi Brown and Urban Decay. I love the Bobbi Brown Blonde (21) eyeshadow and Urban Decay Chopper eyeshadow. I love how the Blonde is more matte and if I ever want to add a little sparkle I add the Chopper to spice it up a bit! I typically only wear natural colors because they go with everything and make my brown eyes pop more!

Lips- Sephora

Typically I only wear either chapstick or nothing on my lips. When I go out, however, I like to finish my look with lipstick or lipgloss. Recently I've been obsessed with this Sephora brand lipstick. It's a light pink color and looks natural on my lips with a little tint of pink! Perfect for when you don't want your lips to stand out. This color is called Sephora Rouge Shine. I can't even explain how obsessed I am with it!

I'm always looking for new makeup to try out! If anyone has any suggestions let me know what your favorites are!