Staying Organized in School

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Being at school can be such a stressful time. With all of your homework, studying, attending classes, and other various school related activities things can start to get pretty hectic. I know from personal experiences that I get very stressed out when I have a million things to do with not enough hours to accomplish it all. Do you guys ever feel that way?? Since your school life is probably getting pretty crazy as the beginning of the new semester kicks in, it is important to be organized. Not only does help to find things but it also is proven to help your grades and stress. How awesome?! Here are some tips that I find helpful to keeping organized in school.


Your desk is one of the most important utensils to have at school. You do basically everything here. You study, do homework, surf the web, or even eat on sometimes. For me, this is my life (other than my planner of course). Keeping this clean and organized helps for a stress free study sesh. There are many different ways to organize a desk as well as different types of desks to help keep organized! My desk is a pretty basic style desk with a large flat top and 2 open shelves going down on the right side. In my first shelf I keep all of my binders for my classes. In the second shelf I keep some school books and other books that I have for fun to read. On top of my desk I have 2 magazine holders that keep some school books and other class materials. I also keep a wicker basket full of pens, pencils, highlighters, and other school supplies. I also have a stapler and hole puncher next to it (both are essentials for school work). Since it's flu season I also have a bottle of Purell and some candles for when I want to relax when studying.


This is literally the most important thing on learning how to stay organized. I can't stress this enough how important this is to my life and how important it should be for yours as well! I keep everything in here. Important dates, birthdays, homework assignments, meetings, blog postings, and anything else that I find important. If you want to know how I keep my planner organized, check out my post on it here!


I personally think that binders are the best way to keep schoolwork organized. I have a separate binder for each class with dividers inside them. The first divider is for the syllabus for each class. This is important to keep with you in case you forget something that is due or need to review how your teacher wants you to format a paper. This makes it easy to find those answers! The next divider I use is for lecture notes. Some of my teachers put up slides before class, so I print those out. Some of my other teachers don't put up their slides, so I keep loose leaf paper in this section to take notes. The next divider is for textbook notes. I keep loose leaf paper in here for when I take notes from the textbook. The final divider I use is for handouts. Some teachers have various activities or other random handouts to give to the class throughout the semester. I keep all of those handouts in this spot so that I have everything I need. The most important part, however, is not to through things out when it's been graded or tested on. At some point the material will show back up throughout the semester. Teachers also lose things. Keeping a graded assignment that your teacher lost the grade for is good to keep so that you can show proof of your grade!

Staying organized in school is soo important. It truly makes a difference in your studying techniques when your desk is free of distractions like clutter. Surfing the web, however, is a different story :) I hope everyone has a great Wednesday and beginning of your semester (yours or your kid's)!