Halloween Costumes

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The month of October puts everyone in a great mood. One of the main reasons for this is because of Halloween!! This is actually my favorite holiday so I'm a little biased haha. I love dressing up and I really go all out. Halloween decorations are some of my favorite things to shop for! They're all soo fun and I love everything about it! Ky, however, absolutely HATES Halloween and refuses to ever dress up. We'll see if I can get him to change his mind. Here are a few of my favorite Halloween costumes that I've seen in the past. I hope they will help give you all some ideas for costumes!
These pictures are from this past weekend. I know it's not Halloween yet but you have to love multiple Halloween parties! This means many different outfits! I went as goth, my roommate went as a playboy bunny... (yeah idk), and then 2 other people went as Cosmo and Wanda from The Fairly Odd Parents! How funny?! For my look I did heavy dark brown eye shadow and black eyeliner for the eyes. For my lips I actually used eyeliner and then put on lip gloss to make it shine! For my outfit I just wore combat boots, black high waisted jeans, and a black crop top. For the chocker I cut the top part off of black tights! 
 These were Halloween costumes from my Freshman year (right) and Sophomore year (left) in college. Freshman year I went as a cat and my friend went as a school girl. I just used eyeliner for the whiskers, pink lipstick for my nose, and did the cat eye look with my eyeliner on my eyes. For the paws I cut the fingertips off of a pair of gloves from CVS or Walgreens. The cat ears and cat tail (not shown) are from a Halloween store. My sophomore year I went as batman. I'm obsessed with Batman. For this look I got the leggings with mesh on them from Charlotte Russe. The shirt and cape came as a pack from either Spencers or Hot Topic. For the face mask I actually used black eyeliner to draw the Batman symbol and then colored it all in with eyeliner as well. Eyelids, eyebrows, skin and all. I actually use baby whips to take off my makeup because I feel as though they're more natural and softer for the skin.
 Here are some costume ideas for younger kids! These are my cousins that I'm obsessed with. They're the cutest things. This year is on the left and last year is on the right. I couldn't find a good pic of Brody's costume from last year. Last year Leighton went as Mr. Funny Bones. It's one of his favorite characters from whatever movie it's from haha. I think it would be cool to spice it up a bit and spray paint all of the white bones with glow in the dark paint. That will definitely make it easy for you to find your kids in the dark while trick-or-treating! This year Brody is going as Maleficent from the new movie Maleficent. For the makeup her mom used a sparkly, purple eyeshadow and a darker, purple eyeliner and winged it out like the horns on her head. For Leighton, he's going as a stormtrooper from Star Wars. Such a little guy costume. Loving these kids so much and always love seeing what they come up with for Halloween costumes!

What are you guys dressing up as for Halloween??