Back To Long Distance

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kyle and I have been dating for almost 1 year now! YAY soo exciting!! However, when I'm at school (most of the year) we are in a long distance relationship. When I'm not at school we live just a train ride away from each other (he's in the city and I'm in the suburbs). The school year is starting up again on Monday and that means it's time for me to leave. I know super depressing. But it seriously is!
            Last night was our last night together. We had a great time! We went to Flat Top Grill for dinner. If you haven't been there before it is kind of like a stir fry kind of restaurant. It's super yummy and has these amazing Roti Prata Bread which is their signature item!! (I'm gluten-free and can't eat this but Kyle loves it)! What is also great about this place is you can keep going up for more food and only pay a flat fee!! 
           Anyways... after we had dinner at Flat Top Grill we went to see a play with his family friend. We saw the play Intimate Apparel at the Athenaeum Theatre. I've only gone to a few plays (I wish I could go to more) and this happens to be one of the plays I have seen before. I took a theatre class my freshman year of college for my gen eds and this play happens to be one of the plays that was mandatory to see. How crazy is that?! The 2nd time seeing the play was sooo much better than the first time! 
            After seeing the play that was 2 1/2 hours long (yes, it was that long), Kyle and I went back home to his apartment because it was late and he had work in the morning. I was completely fine when I went to bed... waking up was when it all hit me. Kyle had to get ready for work and we had to say our goodbyes. Let me tell you, I've never cried as much in the past as I did this morning. I literally had tears streaming down my face and Kyle just held me until he really had to leave (stayed home a little longer than normal and was getting late for work). It was a super hard goodbye knowing that I wouldn't be seeing him for 2 months!! I'm sure I'll see him sometime in between that time but that's the only planned break that I have on my schedule so far. Now that I'm back to long distance I'll start posting tips about how to make long distance work as well as other random relationship stuff!!