TV Shows To Watch In 2014

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

With school starting this month it also brings on the start of new seasons of TV shows! This is one of my favorite parts of the end of the summer/beginning of the fall. Here are a few shows that I’m excited to start watching this year!
                                                                              New TV Shows
Bad Judge on NBC is starting on October 2nd. For all you Private Practice lovers Katie Walsh is the star!!

The Flash on CW is starting October 7th. If you like movies/TV shows about superheroes like me (Batman), then this would be a great choice for you!

Forever on ABC is starting September 22nd. This is one of the shows that I’m most excited for! It’s about a guy who can’t die and is trying to figure out why he is immortal.

Gotham on FOX is starting September 22nd. Like I stated above… Batman is my favorite superhero and how can I not watch a show that is about the city of Gotham. Oh and the main character is played by Ben McKenzie! Cue in The O.C. fans!

How To Get Away With Murder on ABC is starting September 25th. Shonda Rhimes has written this “legal thriller” show! Sounds like it’ll be filled with drama and action!

Jane the Virgin on CW is starting October 13th. The title says it all!

The Mysteries of Laura on NBC is starting September 24th. The lovely Debra Messing is the star in this drama as part of the NYPD!

Selfie on ABC is starting September 30th. I’ve actually watched the pilot episode which can be viewed on Hulu or the ABC website! I think the show has potential and will definitely be watching it this season!

                                                                     TV Shows Starting Back Up
Sons of Anarchy season 7 (FX)- September 9th
New Girl season 4 (FOX)- September 16th
The Mindy Project season 3 (FOX)- September 16th
The Blacklist season 2 (NBC)- September 22nd
Awkward season 4B (MTV)- September 23rd
Person of Interest season 4 (CBS)- September 22nd
Modern Family season 6 (ABC)- September 24th
Nashville season 3 (ABC)- September 24th
Parenthood season 6 (NBC)- September 25th
Grey’s Anatomy season 11 (ABC)- September 25th
Scandal season 4 (ABC)- September 25th
Revenge season 4 (ABC)- September 28th
The Walking Dead season 5 (AMC)- October 10th

I'll for sure be watching these new shows this season!!