Shopping For College

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Shopping for college can be very overwhelming. I know I have problems with this all of the time. Especially when I start thinking that there isn't going to be enough time to get everything done in time. The key to not freaking out about this is making a list. I make lists by putting it into categories. If you couldn't tell by now I'm super OCD with being organized. 

I like to type my lists on a word document so that it's neatly organized. The great thing is that you can also cross out your items when you get them like I did with the pencils. When I don't know if I actually need something I put a question mark next to it. I also put the amount of what I need of certain items if I know I need more than one. I buy most of my items from Target, CVS, Walgreens, and my favorite store Staples. I also like to buy some of my things from Good Will like a desk (which I still need to find). Keeping my shopping lists in an organized fashion like above, it helps me know what I need to get and where I need to get them quickly.