April Monthly Goals

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Literally this year is going by so fast. How can we already be in April?! I feel like I just started my junior year and it's almost over! Time seriously needs to slow down. Since it is the beginning of April that means that it is time for MONTHLY GOALS! I for sure think this is my favorite posts every month because it is my time to get everything set for the month!

March Goals
Reach 100 followers on Bloglovin Off by 6!
Start reading Unbroken I technically started it but haven't finished
Get back on my blogging schedule I seriously need to get back on this
Work out more to get ready for spring break
Remember to make my bed every morning Pretty proud of this one!

April Goals
Reach 100 followers on Bloglovin
Interview a fellow blogger (let me know if you're interested!)
Listen to all of the lectures for my physiology class
Seriously get back on my blogging schedule
Figure out a present for Ky's birthday

I'm seriously hoping that I get to cross everything off this month! Procrastination is seriously getting to me.. Hope everyone has a great day!