How To Make The World A Better Place

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

So I'm a little behind on writing out this post. My school work was crazy the night before Earth Day so I never got a chance to schedule this out! Even though Earth Day was last week, I still find it extremely important to share these helpful tips on making our world a better place! I've always loved and cared for our world but never actually "freaked out" about it until I saw this video. You should seriously watch it because it'll help you realize that we're ruining the world.
Here are some simple tips that you can easily do to help make the world better!!

1. Recycle
I know everyone hears this one all of the time but most people actually don't do this. There are recycling bins at almost every place you go. Outside there are ton of them and it seriously helps a lot. Landfills get filled up every day and is terrible for the Earth. Not only that, but it also is bad for our health! Chemicals that are thrown away can seep into the ground or travel through the air and affects us in bad ways. Not fun right?!

2. Bags at Grocery Stores
When you buy items from the grocery store they always ask you plastic or paper. ALWAYS choose paper!!! Did you know that plastic bags take 10-20 years to decompose?? Paper only takes 2-6 weeks! That is a huge difference! Even better, bring your own cloth bags that you can reuse over and over again!

3. Carpool
Cars and trucks are one of the worst things for the environment. The gases that come from the cars are considered as air pollution. And what does air pollution cause? It causes respiratory problems for humans, endangers wildlife, creates acid rain, and reduces our ozone layer. The more our ozone layer gets thinner, the worse the sun is for our bodies. If you never get sunburn, you probably will start to because of this.

4. Conserve Water
There are always places in the world that don't have enough water for the communities. A few simple ways to reduce how much water you use is to take shorter showers, turn off the water while brushing your teeth, and make sure your toilet doesn't keep running after you flush it. These are seriously so easy to do and helps the world immensely!

5. Lightbulbs
Regular light bulbs are really bad for the environment and use up a lot of energy. If you change your light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs they not only reduce the amount of energy used, but they also last longer. This means you don't have to keep buying light bulbs!

I truly hope you do these simple changes because they help out the world so much!!