Best Way To Read For School

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

College is pretty hard if you ask me. Not only is studying the materials given in the class lectures hard but the textbooks are too. Reading course materials are always a tough one for a lot of people. Things start to blur together and you don't seem to be able to find the main points in the passages. Here is a guide to help pick out those important points that you need to know for class purposes!

Section Titles

Each chapter is typically divided into different sections with different main points. The great thing about this is that the section title will tell you what the section is about! Hello cheat sheet! While the majority of the chapters are about the same main topic, each section is about the different concepts that all refer to the main topic of the chapter. If you're looking for something specific in the chapter for an assignment, looking at the section titles will for sure help you out.

Bolded Words

Bolded words are there to make certain words stand out for you. This is the books way of telling you "this is an important word to know". These bold words are typically words or people that will be defined or explained later on. And to make this even easier, the definition is written out right after that bolded word! How great is that!?


Typically every chapter has a conclusion at the end of the chapter. This brings together the entire chapter in a paragraph or two. These are important to read because it wraps it up very briefly and helps you get a grasp on the main concepts. This will probably write out a little sentence or two about a concept or idea in the conclusion which can help you look back at that idea in more depth throughout the chapter.


Professors are notorious for using different examples on exams and quizzes. Knowing a bunch of different examples can help you with this as well as getting a better understanding on what you're trying to learn at that moment. Different examples can also show different aspects to the same concept and helps you fully know what they're talking about.

I hope this helps everyone with reading for courses as well as materials for various jobs! We're a little over a month into the semester and starting study habits now helps for your future!