March Monthly Goals

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wow I can't believe March is already here! And that means it's a little closer to spring! I'm seriously over this cold, snowy weather how about you guys?! February was a bit of a busy month for me so I got behind on my blogging schedule but I'm back and ready to go with some new ideas flowing! So new month means new goals!!

February Goals
Catch up on responding to comments
Work on my new Facebook page It'll always need work since it's pretty new
Start reading Unbroken
Reach 100 followers on Bloglovin Off by 13!
Drink more water I could always have more but I'm marking this as a success!

March Goals
Reach 100 followers on Bloglovin
Start reading Unbroken
Get back on my blogging schedule
Work out more to get ready for Spring Break
Remember to make my bed every morning

Since some of my goals weren't reached I'm adding them to this month's goals! Hopefully I get to finish all of them this month!